We welcome international students to Saitama University !


Let us support your student life at Saitama University!

"OKUBO FUDOSAN” is a real estate agency adjacent to Saitama University.

We have helped more than 300 international students find apartments.

Looking for a room for the first time in Japan is full of things you don't know, isn't it?

Please feel free to consult with us, OKUBO FUDOSAN, which has a proven track record in finding rooms for international students to Saitama University.

*“FUDOSAN” is a Japanese word for “real estate”.

Advantage 1 – Always be assured, we are close to you


 Our office is located next to Saitama University.You do not have to travel far.

You can come to our office at your spare time, such as before or after classes.

If you have any problems after moving in, you can consult with us immediately.


Advantage 2 – Many room options suitable for international students


 Our fully furnished apartments include not only a refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, and bed, but also small appliances such as a hair dryer, electric kettle, cooking utensils, dishes, hangers, and other household items.

You can start your new life as soon as you receive the key.


 Free Wi-Fi is available in many of the rooms we introduce. 

 Basically, the rental contract is for 2 years, but depending on the rooms, contract for shorter periods, such as 3 or 6 months, are also possible. 

Advantage 3 – Various support for international students


 We will support contract procedures for electricity, gas, and water fee of charge. 

 No guarantor is required to sign an apartment room rental contract with us. 

 Please do not hesitate to consult with us if you experience problems such as air conditioner malfunctions or gas outages due to late payment of fees.

― Steps to move in ―

Step 1. Consultation

Time required: 30 minutes to 1 hour


Please let us know what kind of room you would like to live in.

We will show you the best room options that suit you from among many rooms on our list.

Tips: The search for a room will go more smoothly if you decide in advance on: "Distance from the university," "Desired move-in date," and "Maximum rent”.

Step 2. A Private Viewing

Time required: 15-30 minutes per room


If you are interested in any of the rooms introduced in Step 1, let’s go and see them in person! You will have to walk to the preview. We recommend that you preview around 3 rooms.

Tips: While the room is important, do not forget to check the surrounding facilities such as supermarkets and convenience stores.


Step 3. Application to move-in

Time required: 30minutes to 1 hour



Once you have decided on the room you want to live in, please fill out the application form. The application form is to notify the owner that you are willing to move into the apartment. It is not a contract.


Documents required: Student ID card, Resident card

Information required:

(Your) Name, Address, Phone number, Email address, Date of Birth

(Your Emergency Contact’s*) Name, Address, Phone number, Date of Birth

* Japanese speakers residing in Japan.

*Foreign nationals are acceptable.

Step 4. Examination by Guarantee Company

2 days to receive the results


There is an examination by the guarantee company.

You and your emergency contact will receive a phone call in Japanese to confirm your identity.

If you have any concerns, we will assist you. Please rest assured.

Step 5. Contract

Time required: 30minutes to 1 hour


Review the room rental contract documents and if there are no problems, please sign the contract.

Step 6. Deposit of initial cost


You will receive an invoice for the initial fee during the contract process.

Please transfer the amount by the stated due date.

Step 7. Handover of the keys


Please come to our office after 10:00 a.m. on the contract start date to pick up the keys.


【Please note】

To be honest, we are not so much good at foreign languages.

We sometimes use translation tools to explain important parts of the contract.

This may take some time, but we will do our best to support you so that you will not have any difficulties later.